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Building Manuals
A variation of handover documentation is the “Building Manual”.  It normally consists of a 3-part document as follows:

Part 1: General Information
This contains general building information such as ownership and project team details, important related documents, and other information including fire safety strategy, emergency and fire fighting systems, location of services shut-off valves, switches, etc.

Part 2: Fabric / Construction
This contains details that would normally go into the fabric manual O&M.

Part 3: Building Services
This contains details that would normally go into the building services manual, i.e. M&E, PH, Fire Protection, etc.
Meeting the site programme can be a major concern and be a challenge to get the hard copy delivered to site in time for hand-over or practical completion, so these are sent electronically for speed. In digital format the manual is either emailed directly to you or alternatively uploaded to Dropbox or a FTP server with a link provided so that all the project team members can easily download the complete package for review prior to final issue.
The digital manuals we produce are fully compatibility with standard in-house pdf software utilising conventional programs in their preparation and issue. The end product is a fully interactive searchable document complete with extensive links to locate information efficiently.