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Volume 1: Electrical Services:

General & Emergency Lighting ◦ Small Power & Ancillary Services ◦ Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)  Containment  Earthing (Power & Signal) ◦ Water Detection System ◦ Local Public Address / Alarm System Telecoms & Data ◦ Direct Wire Alarm (DWA) / Environmental Monitoring

Volume 2; Mechanical Services:

Air Conditioning ◦ General Fresh Air Ventilation ◦ Standby (Emergency) Ventilation ◦ MTS Humidification

Volume 3: Fabric:

Steelwork, Barriers & Safety Rails ◦ Raised Flooring ◦ Partitions & Doors ◦ Windows ◦ Walls & Finishes

Volume 4: Fire Systems:

VESDA Fire Detection & Alarm System ◦ Site-Wide Alarm System

Volume 5: Signal / Cabling Installation:

Central Control Room (CCR) ◦ DPCS Rooms ◦ Maintenance & Test System Facility ◦ DPS Room (Marshalling) DPCS Pant Room DPCS Suite ◦ ECW Rooms ◦ Training Building ◦ Simulator Room ◦ Server room

Dungeness B Power Station

This major project at Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent was to replace the existing ‘Data Processing System’ (DPS) with a modern equivalent system.  We produced a multi-volume set of O&Ms.